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  Next round is 12th Championship Round on 4th July at Staplehurst TN12 0JW Booking in now open  

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East Kent Schoolboy Scramble Club



Booking in is now open via

12th Championship Round on Sunday, 4th September

at Staplehurst, TN12 0JW

Please note: We have made transponders available online

at the time of booking in - so get in early to avoid




A date for your diaries:

The EKSSC Presentation will be on

Saturday November 19th 2016

At a venue TBC.




For visitors to our site - this is what it's all about!


For all the MX Mums:

By Leanne Osmond.


An early alarm, up goes the hair,
No time for much make up, no time to care. 
Pack all the bags, enough food for a week.
If only my MX boy would find time to eat!

Arrive at the track and on with mum's jobs.
Signing in, paying fees, a new spark plug, we may need one of these!
Time for practise, please go well.
Any tantrums today? Only time will tell.

Let race one commence, pull up to the start. 
My heart beats all fast, this start line's an art!
Flag raised aloft, the countdown is on. 
We need a good start, that's how races are won!

The engines are roaring, the crowd watches on, 
but the MX mum has eyes only for her son!
Around each turn, flying high in the air,
stay on that bike, that's my only care!
Adrenaline's high, you've done your best, that's my boy, now come for a rest. 
Time for tea, now there's a treat, another layer, can't feel my feet!

Over to Dad now, the unpaid mechanic, all under control, never in a panic!
Engine's sound, some little tweaks, cleaning off mud and checking for leaks! 
Ready for action, the bike's looking good.
What's for lunch love, did you bring any food?

Off with their mates, our boys are all happy. 
Racing opponents but also best buddies. 
Watching the seniors or riding their bikes,
No care in the world, that's what us mums like.

The race day wears on, a few scary moments, everyone cares about their fellow opponents. 
Scores are up, meeting's going well, happy with his position, even though he fell!
I sigh with relief, no angst in our camp, sometimes there's rage, many feet have been stamped! 
It's the passion you see, the love of this sport, not displaced anger, nothing of the sort. 
Pride in their ride, these young lads care, pushing as hard as they can, as much as they dare.

The day is all done, are we in for a trophy?
Sometimes, yes, sometimes no, that's racing for you, it's how it goes. 
Into the van, off comes my hat, I look in the mirror, my god who is that!!
The food frenzy starts, eating everything I have. 
That's more like it, that's my lad.

Homeward bound, it's been a long day.
Happy memories, pictures shared, see you next week we all say. 
Unpacking to do, showers to be had, 
Everyone's tired, but at the same time we're glad. 
Glad to be part of it, members of an amazing club, it's not just a sport, there's a community that we love. 
We've been made very welcome, the Committee is ace, Marshalls, supporters, riders and parents, all with the love of a race!

So onto next the next meeting, we'll do it all again.
We love the cold, the mud, the highs and the lows, yep, we must all be insane. 
How did it happen, I ask 
Wouldn't change it for the world, an MX mum, yep that's me now!




Booking in is done via

As payment is now done at the time of booking

you need to ensure your licence and transponder numbers are added

to avoid an extra cost being incurred.

If you were a member last year your ORMS licence number will be the same.

(If you don't know it please text 07969 458863 with your riders name and group

and it will be sent to you.)

If you are new this year, please use your temporary licence number

but put 7000 before it.

(E.g if your temporary licence has 44 in the top right corner

then your licence number will be 700044 temporarily.)

Any questions we are here to help..... Thanks





2016 dates can now be found on the Fixtures page.

Most venues have been added but, as always

are subject to change, depending on weather/track conditions etc.




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Terry Fisher's shop:

4TwoTwo Racing, Wheelers Cottage

Mereworth, Maidstone,

ME18 5LU

ORMS Licence forms can be found here:



Please email via Contact us (above or below)

for the address to send all forms...



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