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2014 Membership

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East Kent Schoolboy Scramble Club


The deadline for forms to be in for the finals has been extended to 3rd August.

If you rode at the Semis at Staplehurst, you have qualified for the Finals.

Can you please contact Vikki or Tina to confirm your place.

The forms are here:!731&ithint=file%2c.docx&app=Word&authkey=!AOGXIHggkifb47Y

Or ask Vikki and she will email copies to anyone who needs a form.



Hi everyone, please note the EK meeting

that was due to be held at Cusses Gorse will

now take place elsewhere.

EK were asked if we would let the ACU use the track

the weekend we were booked in for the Maxxis.

It was decided that we would give up our date.

We WILL still be racing on that date (10 August),

the track will be confirmed nearer the time.

Thank you for your understanding.




ORMS Southern Semi Final
Staplehurst 08/06/2014

It was a glorious day and was shaping up to be a hot one, not just with the racing as East Kent welcomed both East Anglia & Poole & Parkstone to Staplehurst for the ORMS Southern Semi Final.

The first group out were the AMX riders & these guys showed the heat wasn’t going to affect them as they steamed out of the gate & into the first corner. Arron Jenner won the first moto after chasing Adam Cooper for most of the race, Adam took second and John Eaton third. A crash in the second left Jenner having to go to hospital (from all at EK we wish you a speedy recover Arron) but Adam Cooper was on form & was flying around the track to take first place in both moto 2 & 3. John Eaton chased him down to take the second spot in race 2 with Sean Bardwell claiming the third spot, but a crash in the third left John chasing the pack & Sean & Dan Guy both used this to their advantage with Sean taking second & Dan third in Race 3.
Adam took the overall, John the runner up & Dan Guy third place.
Next up were the Clubman group, this is a new group to EK & the riders were out to show us how good this group can be… Ray Chivers flew out of the gate in all three motos with Rob Spill on his tail, George Prince chased them both down to take third in race 1 & 2, but couldn’t quite make it past Keith Fraher who took third in the final race. The overall went to Ray, Rob second & third to George.
The Open group are always good to watch & today was no exception! Lewis Dowsett had the throttle pinned with Tony Cuddy right behind him in motos 1 & 2, but Tony hit the gas in moto 3 to lead from the front throughout the race to take the win. Piers Skinner rode consistently well throughout the day taking all three third place finishes. Lewis took the overall with Tony second & Piers a very respectable third place.
A mention should also go to George Baldwin who kept everyone entertained throughout the day on his Enduro bike, blasting (if that’s the word) his hooter & doing wheelies as he went through the finish line each lap. Thank you for reminding everyone that mx is fun too!
The Seniors are always more than ready to get out there & have fun Tommie Schofield took the win in the first with Jack Norman & Joe Russell not far behind him to finish 2nd & 3rd. In race 2 Connor Dennis took the win with Jack & Joe having to settle for second & third again. In race 3 Tommie took the win with Jack Norman second & Brad Robinson stepped up to claim the third place finish. The overall went to Jack, with Tommie in second & Joe the third podium step.
Tom Lockhart showed why he is leading the EK championship by storming out of the gate in each race with Charlie Caudwell following closely behind. Tom flew around the track to claim all three wins & Charlie all three second place finishes. In races 1 & 3 Gary Ashley took the third place but was beaten to it in race 2 by Freddie McPherson. The overall & runner up spot went to Tom & Charlie respectively & Freddie took the third spot.
The Small Wheel riders were champing at the bit to get on with it & Drew Anderson raced ahead in all three to claim all three wins. Kayden Algar was racing hard trying to catch him in all three races, but had to settle for second place in both motos 1 & 3 and 3rd in moto 3. Ashley Surridge took the second spot in moto 2 and 3rd in moto 1, but Adam Caroleo took the third in the last race. The overall went to Drew Kayden second & Ashley the third place
We were now down to our two youngest groups (with the biggest hearts), Bobby Bruce has made a remarkable recovery to come back from another broken bone & showed he wanted to win by leading all three races from start to finish, Raife Broadley showed he was also on a mission by taking all 3 second place finishes. Alfie Card took the third place in race 1 but couldn’t repeat that finish throughout the day. Beau Gosnell claimed third in the second & Harrison Borg the third in moto 3. The overall went to Bobby, Raife second & Harrison the third.
Finally, it was the turn of the Autos, Billy Moriarty showed he was the one to try to beat, but these guys just couldn’t catch him in any of the motos! Taylor Newman, Josh Bassett, Sonny May & Harrison Bowles were all trying to get the most out of their little bikes but it was Taylor who took second in moto1, Josh 2nd in moto 2 & Sonny 2nd in moto 3. Josh took third in moto 1, Sonny 3rd in moto 2 & Harrison 3rd in moto 3.At the end of the day Billy took the overall with Sonny the second step & Josh third. Well done guys!

EK would like to thank both East Anglia & Poole & Parkstone for making the trip to Staplehurst & to all the riders, you should all be very proud of yourselves for racing week in week out & for making it a great meeting. A special thank you to Michelle Austin from Poole & Parkstone, Peter Ingram from East Anglia & our own Tony Skinner as our officials on the day too.
We also wish the injured riders a (very) speedy recovery & we hope to see you all again soon.


1 Billy Moriarty 2 Sonny May 3 Joshua Bassett 4 Harrison Bowles 5 Taylor Newman 6 Ashden Barlow
1 Bobby Bruce 2 Raife Broadley 3 Harrison Borg 4 Alfie Card 5 Beau Gosnell 6 Harrison Forde
Small Wheel
1 Drew Anderson 2 Kayden Algar 3 Ashley Surridge 4 Adam Caroleo 5 Billy Carter 6 Kyle MacGregor
Big Wheel
1 Tom Lockhart 2 Charlie Caudwell 3 Freddie 4 Gary Ashley 5 Ryan Allison 6 Josh Coltart
1 Jack Norman 2 Tommie Schofield 3 Joe Russell 4 Brad Robinson 5 Charlie Earley 6 Jimmy Moore
1 Adam Cooper 2 John Eaton 3 Dan Guy 4 Sean Bardwell 5 Sam Underhill 6 Danny Budd
1 Lewis Dowsett 2 Tony Cuddy 3 Piers Skinner 4 Dave Taylor 5 Ben Crane 6 Ryan Matthews
1 Ray Chivers 2 Rob Spill 3 George Prince 4 Keith Fraher 5 John McDonald 6 Ashleigh Brown





East Kent would like to welcome John and Ash Moor and

Brad Robinson as the new proprietors of Pro Mx.

Any outstanding orders/concerns, please ring 07949044216

and we'll try our best to sort it out.

New stock now coming in everyday!



Not often we get thanks and not often in the form of a lovely email like this:

To East Kent
To all that helped us out yesterday,
We would like to send a huge thank you to everyone that helped us yesterday.
We all had such a fantastic day at motor cross and we all laughed from beginning to end.
We would like to say an even bigger thank you to a few people in particular,
The gentleman and boys which towed us out of the mud on the way in (this is the first time we’ve ever got any of our buses towed out of the mud by a tractor and it had to be one of our newest ones being on a 12plate! But don’t worry none of the carers lost there jobs!)
The burger van for our delicious cheese burgers!
The four gentleman which manually picked up and moved the portaloo to make it more accessible for us!
The lovely lady in the pink jumper which was making sure no one parked in front of it.
The lovely lady which brought us over drinks and cakes.
To Joe Russell for bringing over his bike and letting us all have a look and watch you start it up.
And an even bigger thank you to the chairman (Peter Russell) for making it all happen!
We hope to see you again soon! If you will have us!
Many thanks
The students and staff from Valence school.




****** TRANSPONDERS ******

Can you please check whether your transponders are due for renewal,

once renewed these also have to be plugged into the computer to be activated




We should like to thank all our sponsors for


your support is invaluable:

Eastwood Racing

Pro Mx

Clive Emson Property Auctioneers

A & M Plant Hire and Ground Works

Hambridge Homes


R O Properties & Lettings


4 Two Two Racing

Aford Awards Ltd


Offroad Semi-Final / Final rules

Affiliated Riders qualify for a place in their group Semi Final on June 8th 2014 via their own Club Championship Qualifiers.  Only Fully Licenced Club members may qualify and their points only count from the date they join both club and association.

The Qualifiers will start from the Affiliated Club’s 1st Club Championship date up to and including 11th May 2014. All the riders’ points will be added together and the highest scoring riders from each club then are offered a place in their Semi.  Spaces are allocated in scoring order.

Any untaken spaces will be offered to the hosting club to fill with their qualified riders after 31st May.

The Fee for the Semi Final will be set by the Association.


All Association Rules come into force for this event i.e. Outside Assistance etc.

Obviously the split of riders going to each Semi will depend on how many clubs affiliate and this will be confirmed nearer to May to the clubs.

Each Club has the same amount of riders going to the Semi so no one club is penalised for having low membership.

At This Semi Final approximately the Top 14 from each class are offered a space at the 2 Day Final. (To be reviewed as YMSA Ireland has expressed an interest to be involved with the Semi’s etc).

The Last Chance Semi Final on 13th July will be the same format and is only open to those that have also qualified for the semi’s (even if they did not take up the original offer).  This will be open on a first come first basis.

This is a chance for those that did not originally get through on the day or those that did not qualify a last chance to take part.

The Top 12 (approximately) from each class are offered a space at the Finals.

We will end up with 40 riders on the startline.

Finals – To be held at Wildtracks

The Grand 2 Day Final (16th + 17th August) will be a grand affair with marquee / disco and further entertainment. i.e. best dressed bike etc.

All riders will receive a small commemorative award with the Trophies for

Auto – All

Junior – Top 25

SW – Top 20

BW – Top 20

Senior – Top 15

AMX – Top 10 + Top 3 receiving Cash Prize

Open – Top 10 + Top 3 receiving Cash prize

Vets – Top 10 + Top 3 receiving Cash prize.



At the AGM, the members voted to affiliate with Offroad Motorsport UK for 2014.

All info and forms can be found here:

Please note we are no longer anything to do with the MCF!




Can all parents please remember that they are responsible for their own child/children at ALL meetings

& in particular at the Cusses Gorse meeting on August 10th.

At this meeting, ALL riders and families should only be either in the pit area or trackside.

If they are found to be anywhere else they WILL be made to leave!





Prices for 2014

Club Membership: £45 per family, including 1 rider, £10 per extra rider.

ORMS Licence: £35.00 for all groups (Can be downloaded here:HTTPS://!169&app=Word&wdo=2&authkey=!AJgJsUDvthhCXwQ)

Racing Fees: £25 Autos, £30 Schoolboys, £35 Adults - plus marshalling costs

Day licences: £5.00,  Day membership £5.00

Paid marshalling: £10 not to marshal for first rider, £15 in total to include additional riders in same family.

Transponder Hire: £10 plus a £20 refundable deposit

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