Lamberhurst is on !!!

Lamberhurst fun trophy meeting this Sunday 24 March Pleased to say this event is going ahead The tracks looking superb and it’s going to be fun. Be the first to race the new layout . It’s going to different some of the normal fast boys not there but a lot of different riders Booked in “should be interesting.” The day is going to start with three laps practice plus normal blocks I will decide the race order on the day , So if you’re not booked yet, please book in and help us run a good meeting. I look forward to seeing everyone “ so let’s have some fun without the pressure of the championship “

Lamberhurst EKSSC Fun/Trophy meeting

Following on from last nights committee meeting, and subsequent arrangements made this morning, we have decided to propose to run a race event next weekend. This will be a fun/trophy event for the opportunity to try the new track layout at Lamberhurst and have some fun. We can not make this event a championship round, it is in the clubs constitution that dates can not be added. This meeting will only go ahead should the demand be there, as we know that some of you will have already committed to other things. We will check the numbers booked in on Thursday. The event is open to all for booking in so please share with your friends. We will have odds and sods trophies for all auto's and top 6 i

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