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East Kent Go ACU

For 2018 our members voted to change affiliation, to the ACU - with that confirmed we are in the process of completing all paperwork to make this happen.

Membership forms will be out to you in the very near future. If you are looking to join as a new member please drop me or Maria Bassett a message and we will get forms to you. Licences will be available online once we have received your membership forms/fee for 2018. Prices will remain the same for next year. Once again we are offering free membership for all NEW auto members.

Members race numbers will be 1 or 2 digits and visitors 3 digits, this really helps Stuart and the team in the timing van and for end of year results. Current members will have until 30th January to rejoin and keep your current number.

Race fees will be £20 autos, £31 youth and £36 adults.

Open/AMX has been renamed to EK1 open to any capacity bike. We will be offering prize money per meeting on this group if we have 15 riders or more - more booked on = higher prize money. Clubman will remain the same and anyone to fast for this group will be moved to EK1.

Tracks and dates will be confirmed ASAP.

EKSSC are really looking forward to hosting your 2018 racing season, and look forward to sharing this with you all.

Any questions please give me a shout.

East Kent onwards and upward thanks to you and your continued support 👏🏻🏁

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