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AGM Discussions and 2023

We have held our AGM for discussions on the 2023 season. Thanks again to those that attended.

I am pleased to attach our provisional calendar on the Fixtures page. Please note that this is provisional and is subject to change as we finalise our TBC dates/tracks.

We would like to thank the tracks that have kindly invited us back for 2023 and look forward to what’s set to be an exciting season.

Please bare with us for membership for a few more days… as updated previously we are using a new platform that we are becoming familiar with ourselves, we have set most things up so I will just be adding the groups etc and we will be ready to rock and roll in the very near future!

Membership prices will remain the same for 2023 (we have not increased prices for the last 7 years+). Any new auto to the club for 2023 will receive complimentary membership. Once membership is available we will offer our current members a small period to re-join at a reduced rate, before we open to all.

At the AGM we discussed the adult groupings that we have been running at the club, and it was agreed that for 2023 we will be looking to run 2 adult groups.

The vets class has proven very popular and successful, therefore, there will be no changes to that group.

We looked at the 22 season where we ran EK1 & Under 35’s together at a majority of events and agreed that this would work moving forward. It proved to be a more enjoyable race combined for the riders and to spectate for supporters. We have not had huge interest in membership/rider numbers in the EK1 class of late and therefore it was voted for 2023 we will be running:

Vets over 35/vets over 50 (running together) & Adult open

The AGM is where the future of the club is discussed and agreed, which is why we welcome all current members to have their say.

This does bring its benefits and gives us the opportunity to split the SW85 & BW85 on a regular basis should the numbers allow, and less risk of us running shorter/less blocks should we encounter any incidents or stoppages.

This was the only main change with regard to groupings, and there were a couple of committee changes and new help to welcome that I will update in due course.

Due to the inflation in track hire, marshal expenses and all services relating to hosting events we will be raising the entry fee by a couple of pounds. This will bring our entry fees to (per event):

Adults - £50 Youth (65, SW/BW85 & 125/250) £45 Auto - £35

Our championship qualifying criteria will remain unchanged for the new season and I will upload a document detailing these when I announce membership is now open.

You may have also seen our shared information earlier that we are hosting qualifying rounds for the 65cc & SW85cc groups as per the below link:

Any further updates will be shared in due course, any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact us.

Huge thanks once again to our small committee who have worked together to plan the 2023 season.

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