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Swanmore - 18/04/21 - meeting info

Swanmore - 18/04/21 - meeting info

Postcode: SO32 1GB

Wow our first meeting is coming around really quickly so just a few bits of information to keep you updated.

As you are fully aware - we are still running under government and ACU guidelines, with this in mind we would ask that you respect all restrictions to enable us to keep racing!

Camping will be allowed, however, you can only arrive between 4-6pm. Gates will be manned and you will be signed in upon arrival. Temperature checks will be given to all. Immediate family only to travel together, NO SPECTATORS! No extra vehicles. You will also be parked on arrival, no squares etc. If you do not wish to adhere to this then please do not come. 2m rules apply.

This is a new venue for us and we thank Portsmouth for letting us use it - show your respect - no leaving the paddock and do not go on track whilst work is being undertaken. No blocking up roads or parking nearby!

For those arriving Sunday morning, we will open the gates at 7am and close strictly at 9.15am. Again you will be signed in on arrival, temp checked and parked by our committee.

Reminder no tear offs!

We aim to start practice at 9.30am and practice/race order will be announced in due course.

Pre-book only via the acu members portal. No late/on the day bookings are allowed.

We open to visitors to book in from Monday, so if your planning to race pls get booked in before then. We already have 200 riders booked in so this is looking to be a busy event for us. Please work with us to make the day as enjoyable as possible.

Please ensure you have the correct approved race number clearly displayed on your bike prior to arrival.

Lastly - transponders! Having done most of the approvals we have a huge amount of transponder numbers missing, or not requesting to hire. Remember we only have a limited amount of transponders available to hire, it is your responsibility to source your own. No transponder means you will not be scored. I have around 60 members to chase for transponder numbers - pls ensure your numbers are saved on your account as this is very timely! or if you wish to hire one - you must state this at the time of booking in. (Please also ensure you have renewed your subscription if needed and synced your transponder prior to arrival)

We will have a food van and spares van on site.

I believe this covers most questions I have been asked for now - we will update again next week.

Have a good weekend and stay safe.

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