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2017 Championship

12 round championship as follows - you will be allowed to drop your 7 worst races for final championship standings. Prize money for Open and AMX will be highest points scorers. Trophies will be at each round for all autos and top 6 youth.

Rd1 - 5th march - West Meon (Cancelled) Rd2 - 19th march - Lamberhurst Rd3 - 16th April - Wildtracks Rd4 - 23rd April - Iden Rd5 - 7th May - Staplehurst Rd6 - 20th May (Sat) Lamberhurst Fun day - 28th May - Staplehurst Rd7 - 4th June - Cusses Gorse Rd8 - 25th June - Staplehurst Rd9 - 13th August - Lamberhurst Rd10 - 20th August -Staplehurst Rd11 - 17th Sept - West Meon Rd12 - 24th Sept - Park gate

The Championship will consist of 12 rounds (Riders must actually ride in 6 rounds to qualify for a trophy). You will drop your worst 7 RACES over the Championship. In other words riders best 29 RACES over the 12 rounds will be used to obtain their final score. If less rounds are run it will be 11 rounds best 26 races, 10 rounds best 23 races, 9 rounds best 20 races (with a minimum of 20 races counting, if we were to do less than 9 rounds)

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