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2024 Season Update

Hope you are all doing well!! We are very much looking forward to getting the 2024 season underway - I really can’t believe we are almost in March already!!

We are busy behind the scenes preparing for the season ahead, but wanted to drop a courtesy message in the meantime regarding our updated provisional calendar and your ACU licences.

As you can see from the attached calendar, July dates are still provisional, and not confirmed at this point - we will potentially be moving the July 14th event - we will update you all as soon as possible. Everything else is confirmed.

With regard to your ACU licences - please don’t assume all is complete until you see it shows as green and current on account. To check this, pls log into your sport80 account and select ACU competitor license from the drop down menu, and if you have lapsed/action required in red (as per the below examples) you must take action.

Day licences for 2024 are now £20, I would highly recommend you double check your accounts prior to booking in if you wish to avoid the day licence fee. All licences will be checked at signing on.

Booking in for round 1 will open Monday 2nd March via goracemx for members only initially, and then to all from the Monday prior to event. For a smooth booking in experience, please ensure your gorace account is updated with you current ACU member number, correct name, confirmed group and confirmed 2024 race number. If you’re not sure of any of these please contact me Thursday evening onwards.


Transponders are required for scoring - please remember to check your subscriptions, to ensure they are all set up for the year ahead. We will have a limited number of transponders available for hire on a first come first served basis - but recommend you obtaining your own.

More info will be out in the coming days around my work commitments - please feel free to drop me a DM with any queries you may have in the meantime.

Speak soon - countdown is on!

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