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AGM Details

Thanks to everyone who attended the AGM best turn out we’ve had in a few years and it’s nice to know people are showing more of an interest in the clubs future. I just wanted to share with you the main outcomes of yesterday’s meeting that were proposed and introduced as a majority or unanimous vote - pls read to the end:

Membership fees are to remain the same for 2019 - this is our 6th year with no increase - including FREE membership for any NEW auto rider for your first year with EKSSC.

We are affiliated to the ACU for 2019 and can issue your affiliation code to obtain your licence once we have received your membership form and payment. (Membership is now available).

As a rejoining member we will keep your number reserved until 31st January 2019. After this time numbers are open to all.

We are now running a youth 125 championship separate to youth 250 - however the two groups will still race together but be scored separate - this is to encourage more members to this group with the success of this grouping at other clubs. (We really hope to see this group growing)

I will do a separate post on the Adult groupings for 2019 as this will be quite lengthy. (There are some changes!!)

We have changed the points system so as to leave a bigger gap between the top 6. We will now be pointing as follows: 1st = 45, 2nd = 42, 3rd = 40, 4th = 38, 5th = 36, 6th = 34 then the other positions go down by 1 point.

The overall championship if all 12 rounds are run will consist of counting your best 30 race results over the season. Full details should we run less meetings will be updated in our rule books/constitution.

We are incorporating a lower rate Marshal fee into booking in - therefore what you pay online will be your meeting fee covered. This helps us a lot at the signing on desk. We do hope to continue to receive support from you guys re marshalling.

We have come to a decision to make some changes to the adult groups. This is due to a few things, firstly to open up a group dedicated to our older riders, meaning secondly we can hopefully encourage more of even distribution across both adult groups. Therefore the following changes were voted in.

Vets - we are introducing a new vets class to the club, with around 42% of our current adults members being of age and due to demand, we agreed that this group would make for a fair and enjoyable group to compete at within the club. A group to be determined by age.

Under 35’s (intermediate) - this is exactly as it reads, again a mixed ability group that will be determined by age. We project that this group will be quite popular due to interest from new members and current members alike.

EK1 (faster inters - expert) we continue to offer a group for the faster more experienced riders, this has always been a great race to watch and we like to offer a group for those honest and loyal members. EK1 is an open group available to any adult rider whether you are under or over 35.

Due to EK1 and vets being more confident and experienced riders we are anticipating that these two groups will be run together on the day.

There were so many discussions and this will most likely lead to mixed views on this change but we can only but try as a club to offer fair groups across the board. This decision was based on the votes received on the night.

We will monitor membership applications to ensure riders are within the correct groups for ability and age.

Hopefully we will see positive feedback from yourselves 🙏🏻 as this decision was based on those that made the effort to attend AGM and have their say/vote.

We are very pleased to announce that the club have secured a date at Canada Heights for next season - this really is a massive thing for East Kent and we would like to thanks sidcup club for giving us this opportunity

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