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2023 Membership Update

2023 membership update

I’m slowly working through the huge membership application list at some point today - for those of you yet to pay, please can you transfer membership fee direct to the club’s account (details below) Without proof of payment, I can not do approvals. (You can send me a screenshot when done). For those of you that have paid online I will confirm your membership with you at some point in the very near future. Many thanks for your patience.

For anyone yet to renew membership, please do so by 10th January as we will then be opening to new members for any spaces that are still available.

Please note you must process your application online as we can not send over ACU affiliation codes anymore.

If your having trouble logging into your new ACU account, pls input your email address associated to your account and click ‘forgot password’ this will send you a link and you can get back in.

Watch out for updates in the coming days….

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