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AGM update

As you are aware we held our AGM on Thursday evening, thanks to those who attended, it was a better turn out than usual, and great to see those of you that came along.

There are no significant changes for the club in 2024, however based on a proposal received, and subsequently agreed at the AGM, we are pleased to announce that we will be running a girls championship in 2024, full and further details will be out in due course with this, but we are excited for the girls that Moto this will not entail extra races on the day but to fit in with our current schedule.


Will remain at the same price for 2024, and will be available for current member renewals on 1st December 2023, and will open to all on 1st January 2024. Membership will be available via online application with the new ACU sport80 function where it has been simplified, and a direct link will be shared on Dec 1st together with detailed instructions. We will also continue to offer FREE membership to all NEW auto riders for 24’

Race fee:

Unfortunately, due to the continued inflation of track hire and most associated fees with running events we will be increasing race fees by 10% to help cover costs for the new season. (This is £3.50 for autos, £4 for youth, and £5 for adults). Our first increase for quite a few years that we have been working hard to avoid. Medic fees alone went up by more than 50% in 2023 so we have tried to keep this as minimal as possible.

Race Numbers:

Race numbers were discussed at AGM, and it was agreed that if you are not displaying your correct agreed race number, you may not be scored in your race. Unfortunately showing incorrect race numbers makes the timing teams role extremely difficult. We had several instances this year where the complete wrong number is displayed, and we see you wiz by for literally a couple of seconds to try work out who you are. So please bare this in mind when agreeing your race number for the new season

We ask that members ride with a 1 or 2 digit number, so If you have a 3 digit number pls just place tape over numbers not in use for race day.

I think that covers the main topics for now, so let’s move onto the 2024 season. We have condensed the amount of weekends running to allow for any other commitments you wish to make, by bringing two 2 day events to the calendar. 2024 Provisional calendar is shared herewith, subject to change based on availability of last few tracks that we are working on behind the scenes.

Any further updates will be shared in due course.

Thanks for all the support this season - We look forward to seeing you in 2024

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