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EKSSC practice day - Staplehurst - Sunday 19th July 2020

EKSSC practice day - Staplehurst - Sunday 19th July 2020

As previously announced we can confirm that our practice day for 19th July is going ahead ✊🏻

Booking in will be open to all members on Friday 10th July at 7pm via the ACU members portal as usual. If you do not book yourself/your rider in then unfortunately you/they won’t be able to ride. We are limited on numbers as we will be adhering to the ACU/government guidelines currently in place so I would recommend you booking in as soon as possible if you are wishing to support our event.

Due to limiting numbers at the venue we are splitting the day into two halves: The morning session will be for 2x adult groups. The afternoon session will be 3 groups - youth open 125/250cc - BW85/SW85 combined - 65cc/Auto combined. The track will be prepped between the morning and afternoon sessions. Each group is a maximum of 30 riders as per regulations.

Further information will be out in due course but I just wanted to update you all that you can book in from Friday. Any questions in the meantime, please feel free to drop me a message.

Please support your club, please respect the terms, a lot of work has gone into being able to put this event on and we hope you can join us to enjoy it.

EKSSC committee x

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